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Staff Piscinas offers all the experience of its professional team in each new construction, however small, providing to our clients with the utmost seriousness and guarantee. We offer our technical department for the design of the projects, personalised technical support, construction engineering and the setting up without forgetting the after-sales service assistance.

We also offer a wide range of products for swimming pools and for the maintenance; large sewage plants, automatic pool cleaner, robots, pool pumps, pool filters, salt electrolysis systems etc ...

One of the products developed in our technical department is sand pool JBS® system

From the technical office we take care of the pool water treatment :

  • Filtering is the process by which organic waste from the water is removed, to ensure its quality. To perform this process pools have a closed hydraulic circuit which ensures that, by successive steps the water is filtered so the larger particles are retained. This circuit is formed by closed filters, pumps, intake air systems which constitute the essence of the treatment of the swimming pools.
  • Disinfection: The process by which organic particles in the water are removed . Users contribute with contaminant load of bacteria, viruses, fungi, which must be neutralized and disposed of to avoid any health risks.
    For this purpose different chemicals are used in order to remove these contaminant particles. Basically the components used for the disinfection are based on chlorine, bromine or oxygen. Disinfection should include monitoring the acidity or alkalinity of the water, for this we use reducers or enhancers of the PH. Always is advisable to have an equipment that analyses the amount of disinfectant and the acidity of the water, these control equipments are required by regulation in public and community pools and are the key element of the quality water and the prevention from one side the deterioration of water and other accidents caused by overdose of disinfectants. As for the existing disinfection methods, chlorine electrolysis is highly recommended. Although the initial cost is significant, the result of the disinfection and water quality is optimal. It is also safe use, as the manipulation and handling of acid and chlorine is avoided.
  • Pool Cleaners : pools, in addition to the filtered and disinfected water must be clean. Even though water quality is guaranteed, if the floor or walls of the pools are not perfectly clean, swimmers will not want to use them. To clean the bottom of the swimming pools, there are many equipments and solutions from a basic system of manual cleaning to more complex robots and automatic cleaning equipment. In order to choose the best cleaning system various factors must be taken into account such as the size of the pool, who perform maintenance work, the required investment , the time available, the number of staff, etc.

Currently we are the only company in Europe and one of the three at worldwide level that projects, builds and guarantees sand pools WITHOUT MAINTENANCE OF AGGREGATES. The best system for the construction of all sorts of aquatic leisure areas for major leisure outlets and national and international level.

The novelty of the system is that allows treating the aggregates onsite; avoiding having to remove them from their bed to clean and to disinfect them, as well as the ordinary treatment of swimming pool water. This system avoids removal, cleaning and repositioning actions, as well as avoiding the need to replace the new material, which some facilities with fixed aggregates and without this system usually have. The JBS® System is established in accordance with three main aims: – to fix the aggregates to the bottom of the swimming pool; – to keep them clean and disinfected. – To provide maximum hygiene and disinfection to the water. With no doubt, this system is the ideal complement for the purification of a swimming pool, managing to integrate a non-convention coating, such as the case of sands or other aggregates, in to a swimming pool that fulfil salt health regulations, at the same time that the image of the swimming pool becomes unmistakable.


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